Saturday, 16 March 2013

Why is dressing to impress nothing but stress?

I'm going clubbing tonight (yes, you read that right). This isn't something I do very often and my main concern at the moment is what I'm going to wear. The dress code is apparently 'sexy and stylish', which are not two words I tend to associate with my wardrobe very often. Fortunately the friends I'm going with don't know what to wear either so at least I'm not alone.

This got me thinking about fashion and how the clothes we wear can make a statement. At award ceremonies like the Oscars, all most people really want to know is what the stars are wearing, and they're judged based on that rather than anything they may have done on the big screen. The goal seems to be to make the biggest impact on the red carpet, and often we remember who won in the fashion stakes more than who won the awards inside.

But what about the rest of us, who don't have a huge budget to spend on a show-stealing dress for one night? 

Some people just know what looks good on them and carry it off perfectly. They have their own style and they're completely confident about putting different items together. And because they're confident, it works. If, like me, you're a bit self-conscious when trying a new outfit, it shows in your body language and you'll probably spend the night fiddling with your clothes, convinced they don't look right. Instead of 'do I look good?' the question in your mind will be 'do I fit in?' and you'll be more concerned about blending into the crowd than standing out and getting noticed, whether that's by potential dates or just in general.

So my considered fashion advice would be: wear what makes you feel comfortable. That doesn't mean always wearing the same thing - wearing an outfit you know and love but teaming it with some unusual accessories can make just as much of an impact. The most important thing, especially on a night out, is to relax and enjoy yourself; this is what will get you noticed for the right reasons.

Of course not everyone agrees with me. I'll leave you with a lesson on picking up girls from the legend that is Howard Wolowitz.

Have fun tonight, whatever you're doing! I'm off to raid my wardrobe (again).

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